Replacement Windows

Summers are the hottest time of the year! Anyone living through a heat wave will need top-quality air conditioning and insulation to keep their homes cool. This includes energy efficient windows that keep drafts out and prevent heat loss. If your current windows aren't doing the job, you'll want to replace them with a little help from Armorvue Window & Door. Our team of skilled installers will help you find the perfect windows to ensure that your home remains airtight for a lifetime.

The Making of Energy Efficient Windows

Most of our replacement windows come with some basic features that improve energy efficiency. Made from durable vinyl construction, they are resistant to fading, impacts, and transfer less heat than a metal window frame. Our double-paned windows also create an air pocket with insulating properties. For even more insulation, you can opt to have the space between the two glass panes filled with argon gas, which is about 34% less thermally conductive than air. Interestingly, this also provides additional sound insulation so the outside world doesn't intrude on your private time.

Energy efficient windows from Armorvue Window & Door also come with additional features that further improve your comfort in the home, such as:

  Low-E Glass

  Non-Metallic Spacer Systems

  Heavy-Duty Weather Stripping

  Fusion-Welded Construction

Our windows boast ENERGY STAR ratings, meaning that they keep the cold air in your home and help lower those utility bills too.

Protection Against the Elements

Your home should also be well-protected against the elements. Whether you live in Florida or Ohio, the storms can be severe. Heavy rains, snow, ice, and high winds all have the potential to cause damage. Keep your family safe by choosing our hurricane-strength windows to stop flying debris from causing harm. Our double-strength windows can handle just about anything that comes at them, including winds of up to 190 m.p.h.

These windows feature tempered glass with a shatterproof membrane, so that razor-sharp pieces won't fly into the home if the windows do break. The glass simply shatters while remaining attached to the membrane. Debris and other flying objects might not even pass through it into the home.

Armorvue Window & Door provides the industry's top choice in replacement windows for homeowners, no matter where they are located. Our products are efficient, strong, and backed by a transferable lifetime warranty. Find out more about our window installation services in your area by contacting one of our friendly representatives. You may also want to fill out our easy online quote form to request a FREE at-home consultation and price estimate right away.