We all know the importance of proper home maintenance. Keep your home’s exterior clean, unclog the gutters, seal your deck, inspect the roof, prepare your home for winter weather, and so on. What about your windows? If you’re like many, this important home feature is often overlooked. If you’re planning your next Toledo home improvement project or just want to make sure everything is working as it should, then now might be a good time for a home window inspection!

4 Signs That You Need a Window Replacement Now

Your windows might seem perfectly fine at a glance. Take a closer look. If you notice any of the following, then you could be dealing with problem windows that reduce your home value, negatively affect the comfort of your space, or lead to sky-high energy costs.

1. Increase in Energy Bills

Do you have an inexplicable rise in heating and cooling costs? If your windows are over 20 years old, are cool to the touch on winter days or warm on summer days, or if you notice a draft, then your windows are costing you big time!

2. Your Windows are Stuck

If it’s been a while since your windows were opened, it might be a good idea to make sure they work properly. If your windows do not fully open, fully close, or fail to lock, then this can lead to all kinds of trouble including higher energy costs, safety hazards, and even makes your home more vulnerable to intrusion.

3. Damaged Frames or Glass

If your windows are severely damaged, then you probably know this already unless the window is blocked for some reason. However, not all damage is so easily seen. Take a close look at the window frames and inspect for rot, cracks, gaps, or insects. Next look at your glass. If you notice cracks, chips, or if there is trapped water or condensation, then it’s time for new windows!

4. Poor Soundproofing

Can you hear traffic as it passes by? Do you hear the television or music your family is listening to while you’re sitting outside? If so, then your windows are not providing the soundproofing you need. Not only can this be an annoyance, it can also be a sign of poor energy-efficiency.

Do You Need a Toledo Windows Company?

If your windows don’t pass the test, do not worry yourself just yet! Armorvue Window & Door is a reliable Toledo windows company that offers a range of custom windows for any style, need, and budget. Our window installation experts are licensed and courteous, and every window is warranty backed for your protection. Get started today with a free, no-obligation in-home estimate!