One of the most popular home improvement projects is the installation of brand-new replacement windows. However, despite the popularity of new window installations, this particular type of renovation is often one of the most intimidating tasks for homeowners to take on—probably due to the considerable cost of the investment.

While window products can be expensive, opting for the cheapest replacement windows rather than choosing high-quality energy-efficient windows can be one of the worst mistakes you can make. High-performance, energy-efficient windows can bring significant benefits in the long run, including a more cost-effective home and a rise in your home value

In this article, our expert team at Armorvue Windows & Doors will discuss why energy-efficient, premium-quality window replacements are so beneficial for your home, and how you can enhance your home value with better windows this year.

Improved Insulation Throughout the Seasons

Energy-efficient windows are effective at protecting your home interior from the elements while preventing energy lossMore efficient windows, like high-quality double-hung windows with strong and durable fiberglass or vinyl frames, create a barrier that can protect you from the cold weather so that your home will stay warm during the winter

At the same time, they also work to protect the interior of your home from the extreme heat of summer days, so that the house remains cool even with little air conditioning in the hotter months of the year.

Environmentally Friendly Windows

As the title of this section suggests, energy-efficient windows are easy on the environment. This is because they can help keep the inside of your home at a comfortable temperature without requiring your air conditioning or heating system to work overtime to climatize the rooms in your home. This leads to lower energy usage, which means that your household uses up less power that is generated by fossil fuels. Simply put, high-performance, energy-efficient windows will make your home more eco-friendly.

They’re Cost-Effective

Obviously, when your household consumes less energy, your energy costs will be lower. Aside from these savings, some locations also provide significant tax incentives when you upgrade to energy-efficient windows. In short, choosing more energy-efficient windows and Energy Star approved products is good news for your household budget. 

Superior Protection and Durability

Because energy-efficient replacement windows feature a special type of coating that can prevent the sun’s UV rays from entering, the items inside your house can be protected. The sun’s rays can damage your carpets, fabrics, wood, and furniture when the sunlight enters through your windows. With the help of energy-efficient windows, up to 98% of the sun rays won’t enter your home, keeping your furniture, flooring, and other belongings from fading and other damage.

Soundproof Your Home 

The highly insulative materials used in premium-quality, energy-efficient windows can silence ambient noise from roadway traffic, sirens, and other exterior noisesAs a resultenergy-efficient windows are highly recommended in modern communities and urban environments, where homes are constructed near one another, or close to loud traffic and other outside noises.

Low-Maintenance Requirements

Energy-efficient windows can effectively reduce the transfer of energy, and therefore, condensation buildup is significantly minimized. Because of this, the mold is less likely to grow on them, creating a more pleasant living environmentespecially for those with asthma and allergies. Additionally, the special coating in premium-quality, energy-efficient replacement windows can prevent water spots and minimize dirt buildup on the exterior parts of the house. This means that your windows will be much easier to clean and maintain, and will stay looking more beautiful for a longer amount of time than with less-efficient, lower-quality models.

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